Brufut Poultry Farm

£ 134,900 GBP
Code : gc701bu

The Brufut Poultry farm is not the biggest but one of the best ones in The Gambia! If you purchase this business you do not only buy the property of 40.000m2 of which the farm stands (100 X 100 is secured by a walled fence where you find the poultry houses and 3 bungalows) but you will have in one go the guaranteed supply of eggs to most of the main hotels and supermarkets in the country!

There are presently about 8.000 layers located in 3 barns of 600m2 each. You have an assortment of agricultural equipments included to maintain the farm today.

An intro of 3 to 6 months can be provided by the present Dutch manager and owner.

Bore hole, Generator and Solar

Buy this business in The Gambia, West-Africa and make money from the first day!!!

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